African Pride Haircare Products 

When it comes to natural hair, most naturiliatas look to YouTube and tutorials on how to maintain styles but how do you know what products are effective? 

We are at The Fashion Reporter can assure you that African Pride has an array of products that you will not only love but you will learn to appreciate on you’re hair growth journey.
We are particularly loving their sulfate-free shampoo. It is great for natural hair as well as hair extensions, leaving the hair soft and moisturized for more manageable styling.

To smoothing your address we highly recommend the air edge control using minimal amounts to achieve a long lasting effect.  For curly hair, we love their hair pudding which we suggest to be used while the hair is wet. Simply rub a small amount into your palms and massage onto the hair. Comb through and style as you please!!

Available at drugstores nationwide.

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