ANEW Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel, ANEW Vitamin C Serum and ANEW AHA Refining Cream will be available on or through your local Avon representative in April 2016.

avon anew

The Breakthroughs: This spring, Avon is proud to announce three groundbreaking ANEW products that deliver unparalleled performance. Each product contains a first-to-market innovation, setting the new industry gold standard in anti-aging skincare. Its cutting-edge Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel pads contain Oxa Diacid and Propanoic Acid Extract, two high-performance acids that deliver visible anti-aging results. The Vitamin C serum is formulated with a 10% stable form of Vitamin C to effectively brighten skin, and the AHA Refining Cream features a non-comedogenic formula and unique soothing agents to combat irritation from Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). Each innovation is clinically proven to offer the best possible benefits, leaving your skin looking youthful and glowing. 


The Game Changers:

·         ANEW Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel ($25 for 30 pads): ANEW’s most advanced peel is now available in a in an extra strength formulation. This one-step peel pad gives you all the strength of an in-office dermatological procedure without having to leave your home, delivering a high-performance anti-aging solution without drastic measures. In a clinical test, 100% of women showed improvement in skin’s texture and photodamage, and 97% reported an improvement in fine lines.*


The Breakthrough10% Glycolic Acid Soothing Botanical Extracts. The peel is made with Multi-Acid5 Complex, a revolutionary Avon Skincare Institute innovation that combines five of the most potent acids, including Avon exclusives Oxa Diacid and Propanoic Acid Extract. The peel treats both photodamage and acne marks, delivering results superior to a professional 35% glycolic acid peel with less irritation and no down time.



·         ANEW Vitamin C Serum ($30): This brightening serum was specially formulated to combat the first visible sign of aging: dull skin. It’s infused with antioxidants to leave your complexion utterly radiant in just two weeks.


The BreakthroughStabilized 10% Pure Vitamin C. The star ingredient is Avon’s patented, first-to-market concentration of Vitamin C, which is 250% more potent than an average glass of orange juice. This 10% stable version of the vitamin shields skin from the free radical damage that causes premature aging.



·         ANEW AHA Refining Cream ($30): Scrub away dead skin to reveal a more radiant complexion with this moisturizing cream. Made with glycolic acid, this everyday moisturizer is effective on all skin types and ideal for dry skin. In clinical tests, 100% of women saw an improvement in their skin’s texture.**


The Breakthrough: Soothing Agents and a Non-Comedogenic Formula. Unlike traditional formulas that feature Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), this cream utilizes unique soothing agents that shield skin from any irritation caused by the acids. In addition, the cream is completely non-comedogenic, ensuring it will never block pores.



WHERE TO BUY: Available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative, call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit


kanye west beauty

Redken Global Creative Director Guido used head wraps to create a dramatic and uniform silhouette at Kanye West’s Fall/Winter 2016 show.

“The purpose of this collection with Kanye West was to create a uniform, minimal look; not just with the beauty but also with the models and the staging. The models were all African American with different hairtypes and varying textures and looks. Kanye and I discussed embracing each models’ natural hair for the look but in the end, the head wraps gave each head shape a dramatic silhouette and eliminated the hair completely, giving the clothing a very linear feeling. The show was held at Madison Square Garden and in such a big space, it’s important that the models off-set and simplify the environment. To remove texture from the hair before applying the hair wraps, I dried the hair straight and flattened it to the head by wrapping sections around the head. I worked in Redken glow dry oil to further smooth the hair.” – Guido


1.       Start with dry hair and apply 4-5 pumps of Redken glow dry style enhancing blow-dry oil throughout to smooth hair, add shine and eliminate frizz.

2.      Divide hair into sections. Using a blow dryer, directionally blow dry hair toward the back of the head to create a flattened texture. Once dry, straighten the hair using a 1-inch flat iron to further smoothen. 

3.      Apply another 4-5 pumps of Redken glow dry style enhancing blow-dry oil to palms of the hand. Work the oil into the hair as you wrap hair around the head. Secure with pins, ensuring hair lays flat against the head.

4.      Beginning at the hairline, apply a hair wrap to the head, fully covering the ears. Apply a second hair wrap overtop the first to tighten the look and eliminate texture and volume.





If you want to start feeling sexy — or joyful, tranquil, focused or disciplined — right this minute, Archetypes Pheromone Collection is here to help. What’s a pheromone, you ask? It’s a natural, odorless chemical that your body releases to boost your attractiveness and enhance your relationships. These unique pheromone blends are designed to lift your mood, calm your mind and help create powerful connections. Made with advanced pheromone technology and naturally aromatherapeutic essential oils, they also make perfect complements to your dominant Archetypes. Meaning that when it comes to finding your ideal, bring-out-the-best-in-you blends, takes out all the guesswork.

“It means a lot to me to be able to offer this unique new collection of Archetype Pheromones. Just as the Archetypes system is designed to enrich your life, through a deeper understanding of yourself and others, these luxurious blends are designed to nudge you back into balance — naturally, anytime, whatever your mood. The payoff? Renewed energy, focus and joy, and deeper ties with others. Enjoy!” — Archetypes creator and founder, Cristina Carlino.






butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes, kicked off New York Fashion week at Creatures of the Wind and Tadashi Shoji.
butter london creatures of hte wind

Designer: Creatures of the Wind
Lead Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The Scoop: Fabrics and patterns within the collection had a space-like/psychedelic feel, which was presented down the runway as an evolution of colours – from dark to light.
The Look: Katie used a technique called water marbling to create the nail design, with the agate stones that inspired the A/W ’14 collection as her guide. Each nail (675 in total) was made by hand last night by Katie and her team—with no two nails alike. To achieve the look, Katie poured drops of several Nail Lacquer shades one after another into a bowl of water, creating rings of colour, much like agate. Once the colour had been placed, Katie took an orange wood stick to swirl the colours together, creating a range of patterns. She then dipped the press on nail into the water, letting it sit under the water’s edge just below the pattern she wanted to lift onto the nail. Once removed, the pattern below the surface was transferred to the nail. To add playful variation to the nail look, two different base colours were used: butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Trallop was used on half of the models nails and Nail Lacquer in Teddy Girl was used on the rest.
Nail Lacquer Colours Used: Yummy Mummy, Diamond Geezer, Posh Bird, Pearly Queen, Billy No Mates
butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes, was on hand to create the nail and makeup look backstage at Dannijo’s BOXERina presentation.

butter london dannijo

Designer: Dannijo
Lead Makeup Artist & Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The Scoop: The collection hinges on the relationship between ballet and boxing and its ability to connect us to the core essence of humanity. BOXERina is about the power of emotion, its role in creating and humanizing our heroes. The collection was presented as a ballet, with dancers from the American Ballet Theatre serving as the models, choreographed by Nicola Curry.
The Makeup Look:
· Eyes: butter LONDON WINK Mascara in Union Jack Black on the lashes, WINK Eye Pencil in Twigged on the bottom lash line and palette of nude powder shadows
· Brows: butter LONDON WINK Mascara in Brown Sugar, groomed upwards
· Lips: the new LIPPY Lip Balms in either Toasted Marshmallow or Nutter (depending on skin tone) mixed with a hint of concealer
· Skin: concealer around the nose and on blemishes, as needed; the new Hydrating Balm mixed with a highlighter on all high points of the face (pressed onto the middle of the forehead, down the nose, on the top of the lip, across cheek bones and brow bones); butter LONDON Cream Bronzer in Bit Faker (out Summer ’14) on the cheeks
· Body: to give the ballerinas a polished and sporty shine, Katie mixed the new butter LONDON Signature Lotion with body oil and applied sparingly on legs, arms, shoulders and décolletage
The Nail Look: Katie applied the new butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Goss as the base, and then applied Nail Lacquer in Posh Bird at the tips using a makeup sponge.
butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes, was backstage to create the nail look at Nicole Miller’s A/W 2014 show.

butter london nicole miller

Designer: Nicole Miller
Lead Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The Scoop: The collection was inspired by strong women warriors. Predominant colours in the collection included dark plum, light olive, wine, aqua and black paired with muted jewel tones.
The Look: Katie applied butter LONDON Nail Foundation to the nails followed by butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Union Jack Black. She then matted the look by applying butter LONDON Matte Finish Topcoat. Using a thin striping brush, Katie applied butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Knees Up – starting at the cuticle and creating a feather or flame like design along the nail. The shiny finish of Knees Up served as the perfect contrast to the matte black lacquer that popped at the tips.

butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes was on hand to create the nail and makeup look backstage at Libertine’s A/W 2014 show.

butter london libertine

Designer: Libertine
Lead Makeup Artist & Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The Scoop: Libertine’s A/W ‘14 collection was colorful, heavily embellished and showcased a variety of textures—along with the introduction of fur. The Libertine girl is glam, goth and a bit of a party girl who has been digging around in diamonds.
The Makeup Look:
· Skin: prep skin with moisturizer and apply concealer (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage) around the nose and on blemishes
· Cheeks: contour hollows of the cheek using butter LONDON Cream Bronzer in Bit Faker (available Summer ’14) with a tapered contour brush from Real Techniques
· Eyes: Curl lashes and then apply butter LONDON WINK Mascara in Union Jack Black; using freshly sharpened Union Jack Black Eye Pencil draw out the line of the wing and fill in, then cover the lid up to the crease and blend with a soft brush whilst keeping the wing defined—clean up the wing edges with pointed q-tips and a bit of moisturizer; press Jet Black Shadow from butter LONDON (out Fall/Winter ’14) over the pencil and blend upward toward the brow bone; saturate bottom lash line with butter LONDON Eye Pencil in Alabaster Gaze (out April ’14) then layer the Alabaster Gaze Cream Shadow to create a starlight effect
· Brows: groom upwards using the new butter LONDON Hydrating Balm (rub a mascara wand on the tip of the balm and brush upward)
· Lips: apply the new LIPPY Lip Balm in Teddy Boy to and press in with fingertip to make it matte
The Nail Look: Katie applied butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in The Black Knight to the tips of the press on nails. She then applied butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Diamond Geezer at the base of the nail to meet up with the black at the tips. Katie used Nail Lacquer in Stardust and the new Nail Lacquer in Anorak, a black, white and silver chunky glitter overcoat (available in March 2014) over the entire nail. While the nails were still wet, Katie completed the look by applying holographic, diamond-shaped glitter to the tip of the nails.

butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes, was backstage to create the nail look at the ICB x Prabal Gurung A/W 2014 show.

butter london garungr

Designer: ICB x Prabal Gurung
Lead Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The Scoop: The collection was designed for hip, downtown girls. The hair, makeup and nails were inspired by their effortless yet edgy beauty look.
The Look: Katie applied butter LONDON Nail Foundation as a base followed by butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Union Jack Black. She then used a thin striping brush to create the tweed effect, layering various Nail Lacquer shades onto the nail – both vertically and horizontally. Katie finished the look with butter LONDON’s P.D. Quick Topcoat. Shades used: butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Billy No Mates, Stag Do, Blagger, British Racing Green and Pearly Queen.
butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes, was backstage to create the nail look at Lela Rose’s A/W 2014 show.

butter london lela rose beauty

Designer: Lela Rose
Lead Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The Scoop: The collection was inspired by Ferran Adrià, a Spanish Catalan chef who creates food masterpieces. His dishes are each sketched before created and use a variety of different textures. This inspiration has translated into a collection of whites, gold, silver and black with textures such as pearls, beading and feathers.
The Look: Katie began by applying butter LONDON’s Patent Gel Top & Tails for a chip-free and long lasting wear. She then applied butter LONDON Nail Foundation to the nails followed by a diagonal stripe of butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Alabaster Gaze (available April 2014). Katie filled in the top-half of the nail with two coats of Alabaster Gaze. She finished the look with butter LONDON Patent Gel Top & Tails to give the nail a cohesive shine and a dab of butter LONDON Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil.


red at golden globes

Red lips were definitely trending at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. Physician’s Formula’s celebrity make-up artist, Joanna Schlip gives tips for working the trend. A bold red lip is a red carpet staple, and the stars at the 2014 Golden Globes proved that it’s a classic look for a reason! Physicians Formula’s celebrity makeup artist, Joanna Schlip

2013 American Music Awards - Red Carpet
For nails that make the ultimate red carpet statement at the 2013 American Music Awards (AMAs), pop darling Katy Perry turned to nail color authority Sally Hansen and celebrity manicurist, Kimmie Kyees to create custom nail art.
2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals
Katy Perry walked the red carpet in a strapless, black tulle and white sequin polka dot Oscar de la Renta gown. To accent her dress, Kyees created white polka dot nails using Sally Hansen nail color exclusively. To create Katy’s nail look, Kimmie used two coats of Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color in Slick Black as a base color and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in White On to create the dots. For a flawless finish, Kyees used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Top Coat to seal the nail art and enhance shine.
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Sally Hansen products are available at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationwide

Pixi Beauty “TRIPLE Threat must-have items are what you will need to get through your beauty woes this winter. Their nourishing primer works hard to keep skin looking perfect & provides a neutral, colour-corrected canvas for makeup application. Their perfecting palette with two concealers, one brightener and one highlighter will make eyes look brighter and more awake. Lastly, you can awaken, enhance, or smoke up your eyes with their super smooth, high performance long-wearing pencils.

 Available at Target Stores or



The Beauty Report – October 2013


L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse Vanilla & Narcisse Collection is a great way to unwind after a long day at work or the prefect start to a lovely weekend.  Vanille & Narcisse Eau de Toilette is part of our new collection inspired by the city of Grasse in Provence. Known by many as the fragrance capital of the world, it is here where precious ingredients from near and distant lands have been combined to create beautiful perfumes for centuries. Also available in Body Milk, Body Wash and Bar Soap at


With the cold weather approaching, it is appropriate to use the term “freeze” loosely and Lumene has the right product for the occasion. Freeze and save time with Lumene Time Freeze Anti -Aging Color Correcting Cream. This 6 in 1 multi-tasker protects against signs of aging, nourishes and hydrates the skin, covers imperfections and evens skin tone while leaving the skin illuminating. Enriched with Wild Arctic Lingonberry, which is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help skin defend against external aggressors.  We have deemed it as a fall makeup essential available in 2 shades, light and medium. It can be used as a day cream, under your foundation or alone to cover up those flaws.

Available at Drugstores Nationwide.

Espa has developed some of beauty’s best haircare and facial products so that you can look and feel your best. Their Pink Hair and Scalp Mud uses mineral rich red clays to condition and treat your hair to a softer and more manageable texture.  Vitamin C-rich watercress and Apricot kernel oil soothes and nourishes your scalp, while the red clay stimulates circulation to help boost growth and strengthen and promote healthy, glossy, manageable hair.

Suitable for: Perfect for all types especially dry, weak, heat or chemically treated hair

Available at

The holidays are just around the corner and to avoid stopping by just about every mens fragrance counter at your favorite department store, we highly reccommend  Paco Rabanne  1 Million Intense. This limited-edition fragrance continues the renowned story of Paco Rabanne’s best-selling 1 Million fragrance. 1 Million Intense enters a world of gold, splendor and elegance where bold scents share leading roles with seduction and sensuality. Slightly citrus notes play on a number of spicy tones, intensified and redefined with a distinctly sexy path. The ultimate fantasy, this spicy fragrance is composed of a blood mandarin and peppermint top and rose absolute and cinnamon bark heart, rounded out with a base of iris and oud. Although this is a mens fragrance, it is very suitable for a woman!


PRICE: $84 (3.4oz), $63 (1.7oz)

When it comes to haircare, Carol’s Daughter has the perfect products to rehydrate hair and transform it from dry, brittle and unmanageable into detangled, soft and incredibly conditioned hair you’ll rave about. This season, they offer a set of Black Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Hair Smoothie which is an absolute must have! Your hair will feel softer and smell amazing after just one use. Available at

If you want to hint to that special man in your life that he can sport a well-groomed beard or mustache while growing it out, then why not do it with the GO 24•7 Men’s Grooming collection. With products that are developed with only the finest, most nourishing ingredients, the GO 24•7 line was designed to address the modern man’s grooming wants and needs, from shampoos and conditioners to shaving creams and moisturizers. All hair care products are scented with an energizing blend of ginseng and macadamia nut, while all skincare products feature the GO 24•7 signature fragrance, lavender ylang ylang.

All GO 24•7 products are available on



The Beauty Report- August 2013

The end of summer is nearing but that doesn’t mean your skin has to go into cold weather mode just yet! The top creators in beauty have so many refreshing offerings to keep you looking and feeling your best.  Whether you have dry, normal or oily skin or want to achieve a salon finished look in the comfort of your own home, The Fashion Reporter has the inside scoop on some of the top beauty items on the market.

Every fashionista knows that paired her eye makeup with her wardrobe is the way to go! Therefore, she will need Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara in her life. For the month of August ONLY, they have launched the Great Lash Mascara Limited Edition set  which is available in six shades from Green with Envy, I See Blue, So Very Berry, Tal Appeal, Vision in Violet, and Wink of Pink. These essential shades are in sync with this season’s hottest trends and prints so you can’t go wrong. Have a little fun and add some color with these fun shades of mascara. Available at Drugstores Nationwide for $6.40.

Avon just launched the first-of-its-kind Wonderbrush to replace the standard wand with a new multi-dimensional brush that lifts lashes from root to tip in a whole new way. Unlike other mascara wands, it works to fit the curve of your eyes and with a bigger bristle area, it combs through lashes easily allowing phenomenal clump-free volume and 40% more mascara to be applied to the lash. With Avon’s Mega Effects, eyes look bigger and lashes look darker, denser and more dramatic look. Forget false lashes when you have Mega Effects Mascara by Avon. Avon Mega Effects Mascara is $10 and is now available through Avon representatives and

What is the biggest fight with your hair this season? Combatting frizz maybe! With high humidity in the air our hair absorbs the extra moisture like a sponge, expanding and poofing out. So, we have gathered the top ingredients that will allow you to win the battle: Argan Oil: Argan Oil contains essential minerals that work to repair hair cuticles, adding weightless shine and offering incomparable frizz control. The U LUXURY Oil ($47.95) enhances hair color’s vibrancy, nourishing and revitalizing hair to improve its overall health. All UNITE Hair products can be found on


Exfoliating shouldn’t feel like sand grinding on your face. Eliminate harshness and get into something more smooth yet effective by Zensation.  Their gentle Ultra Silky Rose Exfoliating Cream contains organic Rosa Mosqueta exfoliating particles that gently remove dead cells and impurities that will leave you with smooth soft skin. While this exfoliator removes unwanted dead skin – it moisturizes and hydrates the skin as well with Organic Sunflower Oil and organic Shea Butter.


Carol’s Daughter has an all new collection that smells better than a botanical garden! The recent launch of their Gardenia collection just on August 1st and is a must-have for your beauty shelf. Combining sweet Gardenia essence, bright Neroli, and sensual White Musk, this enticing scent captures the velvety beauty, and pure elegance of this graceful white bud. If you want to know whatthis all smells like, imagine heaven and all things feminine in a bottle.

The Gardenia Body Collection is reasonably priced at $39.90 and is exclusively available on and features:

  • (2) Gardenia Body Cleansing Cream
  • (1) Gardenia Body Cream
  • (1) Gardenia Dry Oil Mist

Before the winter months come, enjoy the simplicity of serums. Why? Because they add that extra moisture and richness your skin needs. Though the texture is feather light, don’t be fooled – serums are overflowing with active ingredients that help to bring antioxidants to the skin, restore cell growth, or help decrease pore size. L’Occitane gives you not one, but three serum superheroes including:

L’Occitane Fabulous Shea Serum ($42): Rich in Shea Butter, this fabulous serum is sure to give skin ultimate hydration in even the harshest conditions. The Fabulous Serum has an incredibly smooth, creamy texture, which is easily absorbed for instant radiance and a beauty boost. The skin is visibly repaired, smoothed, soft and supple.


L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Serum ($70): The award winning anti-aging serum houses 1000 immortelle flowers in every bottle. Helping skin to restore luster and look it’s most youthful.


L’Occitane Iris Angelica Sublime Essence ($52): Even skin tone with L’Occitane’s perfecting serum. The ultra-velvety texture immediately subdues the appearance of blemishes, while pores look instantly tightened. L’Occitane products may be purchased at


Having to come home and wash off your makeup can be a pain all together but if you have a good makeup remover, your problem just might be solved.  Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, Lumene has launched a product suitable for eye & lip makeup removal. Product contains over 80 % natural ingredients. Product is free from: colorants, ethyl alcohol, fragrance, parabens, paraffin oil, silicones. Simply soak some cotton wool with eye makeup remover. Hold the cotton wool against the close eyelid for a moment and the lightly wipe off your waterproof makeup and doneAvailable at Ulta and Drugstores Nationwide. 

Sparkly, Bronzy, Smokey Eyes can be achieved by simply lining the whole eye area by using  Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer ($$25:  Apply a gold shade in the crease of the eye and bottom lash to soften the look. Complete the look by applying at least three coats of mascara – try Waterproof during the summer months. Try Mally Beauty Waterproof Volumizing Mascara $20: for eyes that pop.


Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites (FACE) Awards 2013

NYX Cosmetics presents the Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites (FACE) Awards 2013. In its second year, FACE Awards is a multi-national competition to find The Beauty Vlogger of The Year on YouTube™, giving contestants a chance to win $25,000, consultations with pro makeup artists, a year’s supply of NYX Cosmetics and the promise of a budding professional career in makeup artistry.

Inspired by the ever-growing and enthusiastic community of beauty vloggers on YouTube™ and across the web, NYX Cosmetics launched the FACE Awards to support and give recognition to this group of rising beauty stars, rewarding them for their passion and creativity.

“The FACE Awards allows us to shine a spotlight on the up-and-coming beauty vloggers, and unite the community behind a single annual event,” says Toni K., NYX Founder and Chairwoman.  “We’re here to support those pursuing a YouTube™ vlogging career, open doorways to a career in artistry, as well as offer a surefire way to boost audiences and get recognized by peers.”  Joining NYX in their recognition of this talented group are like-minded partners including Sexy Hair, Proactiv®, ULTA Beauty, BluePrint Cleanse,, Sole Society, ACTIVATE, popchips, Nu.Me, Otto Models, and Seagram Escapes.

Earlier this spring, roughly 1,000 beauty vloggers registered for the FACE Awards.  A panel of judges narrowed down the selection to 30 contestants. The contestants created their first challenge videos based on the theme “Vintage Beauty” which went live on YouTube™ for public viewing on May 31.  NYX officially launched the public voting period at GenBeauty, hosted by top beauty vlogger Michelle Phan’s ipsy Network in Los Angeles.  Beauty lovers, brands and beauty industry pros visited the FACE Awards voting station inside the NYX lounge to vote live on their favorite contestants’ videos. Forty thousand votes were submitted over the weekend and the vote count continues to grow exponentially.

After a series of challenges to determine 6 finalists, the six finalists will be flown to Los Angeles to compete in a live show in front of fans, peers, beauty influencers and celebrity judges in August. Contestants will be judged on their creativity, educational content, artistry and personality.

Log onto to enter now.


Deep Parts are Poppin

The deep part, seen on celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Miranda Kerr and Alicia Keys, is an easy-to-do addition to any hairstyle for a dramatic look. Whether worn with hair up or down, curled or straight, this style can easily be achieved by following these steps below:


§  Step One: Start by prepping the hair with a shine-and body-enhancing product, such as UNITE Boosta Spray ($26.25).

§  Step Two: Next, using either a medium-barreled curling iron or a flat iron, straighten or curl the entire head.

§  Step Three: When finished, create a side part, and then part the hair from front to back, leaving layers out to frame the face.

§  Step Four: Finish off look with a flexible hairspray such as UNITE GO365 Hairspray ($31) to keep strands in place.


All UNITE Hair products are available on


Mother’s Day Must Haves

20130510-140720.jpgPrada Amber Gift Set

Prada spells excellence and when mom unwraps her new Prada Amber fragrance she will shine brightly. This particular fragrance embodies classic femininity with a modern sensibility: the ultimate expression of a woman’s self. It is a fragrance that every Prada woman knows she deserves, something instantly recognizable as unique and sensually evocative. The Amber Set includes the Eau de Parfum Spray (2.7oz) and Hydrating Body Lotion (3.4oz).

PRICE: $110

Valentina Gift Set Set
The ingredients that define the femininity and uniqueness of the Valentino woman have inspired a new perfume that was conceived as a couture style and a signature element of distinction that expresses a feminine ideal. Valentina blends an irreverent Italian floral oriental in which each facet reveals a paradox. Calabrian bergamot is a hymn to exuberance and freshness, shaken up by the insolence of white Alba truffles. In their trail, jasmine, Amalfi orange blossom and tuberose celebrate radiant beauty while being offset by the rebellious delight of wild strawberries. Finally, the nobility of cedar is seduced by the captivating sensuality of amber. This set includes the Valentina Eau de Parfum (3.4oz.) and the Valentina Hydrating Body Lotion (6.8oz.).
PRICE: $112


Joyful, bright and radiant, Flor Violeta is the perfect fragrance for any woman this Mother’s Day and is a great representation of the face for the scent, Kate del Castillo.  This fragrance features Natural Green Apple Extract, Raspberry Leaves and Dewberry scents as its top notes, Violet Blossom, Sun-Ripened Currant and Pink Peony as middle notes, and Soft Musk, Cedarwood and Warm Sandalwood as base notes.  You can purchase Flor Violeta at or from any Avon Representative.

Mom’s have a special place in our hearts; this Mother’s Day return the favor by showing mom the love and appreciation she deserves with these great gifts. Allow mom to slip away from her chaotic schedule and indulge in the ultimate at-home pampering session with the Philip B® Royal Treatment Collection.  This rich, aromatic duo is bursting with a rich, sweet-woody scent and will revive hair, leaving it glossier and bouncier than ever before. Available at $140.


You may not be able to take mom across the Atlantic, but you can bring the spirit of Italy to her with the new Bath & Body Works Rome Honeysuckle Amore fragrance. This blend of Pink Honeysuckle, Italian Peach and Cyprus Wood takes you on a stroll through the cobblestone streets of Italy ’s most glamorous city.

Available at Shower Gel ($11), Body Lotion ($11), Fine Fragrance Mist ($14)

Celebrate Mother’s Day by relaxing with Bath & Body Works Limited Edition Mother’s Day Candle. A beautiful blend of florals, citrus and the perfect hint of mint; this candle will surely last longer than a bouquet of roses. Available at $20



Besides Emerald being the “it” color for spring, bright pastels, floral patterns and color blocking are among the many trends we’ll see in fashion this season.  Celebrity manicurist and owner of As “U” Wish Nail Spa, Skyy Hadley, shares her expert tips on how to bring these chic fashion trends to life on your nails.



Bright Pastels

Pastels are a great way to transition your look from the end of winter into early spring. Bold pieces, like the Maggy London Embellished Blouson Jersey Dress can be worn alone for a casual spring look or throw on a pair of glitter heals to take this look from day to night. Recreate this trend on your nails with the Zoya Lovely Spring 2013 Polish Collection. I love how the purple and pink shades have a slight metallic hint that are great to wear out on the town or stick with the peaceful pastels of the blue, green and yellow shades. Remember to always start a manicure with clean, filed nails.


Floral Patterns

Floral patterns, like the Maggy London Splash Floral Dress are the ultimate head to toe spring trend each year. The easiest way to get this look on your nails at home is to use a polish sticker. I love the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Girl Flower. Remember to apply a fast drying top coat over the stickers to extend the life of your manicure. If nail stickers aren’t for you then visit your local manicurist and ask for a floral hand printed design.


Color Blocking

Color blocking is such a fun trend to show off in your outfit, like in the Maggy London Colorblock Scuba Dress and especially on your nails. Caroline Sunshine recently added a pop of neon to her colorblocked nail design at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Be sure to choose polishes that are bright and bold contrasting shades. Paint the entire nail with two coats of the shade you choose as the middle line color. Then following the curve at the base of your nail, apply two coats of the brightest shade. Finish with two coats of the final shade along the tip (a little thicker than a traditional French manicure line).





Step 1: Kristin began by applying concealer to the lips to offset any pink pigment that may interfere with the dark, dramatic colour she and Daniel chose
Step 2: She then lined the lips with MAKE’s Lipliner Pencil in Rum Raisin and filled in lips with Silk Satin Lipstick in Beetroot – an intense wine with red undertones.
Step 3: Working from the palm of her hand, where she saturated a stipple brush with MAKE’s Soft Focus Foundation, Kristin blended the foundation onto the model’s skin to create a flawless, porcelain look. Concealer was used where needed to cover any blemishes or under eye darkness
Step 4: Kristin used MAKE’s Expert Veil Brush to powder the forehead, under the eyes, and around the nose to deliver a matte finish with a bit of extra coverage to ensure the look was perfectly polished
Step 5: Finally, Kristin used Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Kalahari – a medium cappuccino brown with yellow undertones – as a contouring blush

Step 1: Kristin began by filling in the brows where needed to create a natural yet defined look. She used Expert Brow Definer Brush and Brow Sculpting Duo to provide definition

New York City based nail artist Miss Pop worked with ORLY to create a sexy lace nail look inspired by fabric from Emerson’s fall collection. To execute the intricate layered design, Miss Pop used ORLY nail lacquers, treatment products and tools. “For the models’ nails, we wanted to design a look that was romantic, but a little dark and edgy too. And nothing is more sexy and chic than the beautiful lace from the Emerson Fall 2013 collection,” said Miss Pop.

How to get the Emerson show nail design:

·         Apply one coat of ORLY BONDER Basecoat to nails.

·         Paint two coats of ORLY Nail Lacquer in Pure Porcelain. Allow time for these nude coats to dry completely.

·         Using the ORLY detailer brush, draw three diagonal lines from left to right. Then, draw three diagonal lines from right to left. This should create a crisscross pattern like fishnets across the nail.

·         With the larger ball of the ORLY Dotter Duo tool, make four dots with ORLY Nail Lacquer in After Party at the intersection of each line to create florets.

·         To create the intricate lacework detail, connect the dots using a swooping half-moon motion with the Detailer brush. Allow a few minutes for the look to dry.

·         Top off this lace look with poliSHIELD for a lasting high shine finish and your nails ready for the runway… or a sexy rendezvous!




butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Hughes, created the nail look for Altuzarra’s F/W 2013 Collection.

Lead Manicurist: Katie Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The Scoop: The collection is a focus on core silhouettes and classical tailoring with a modern, feminine twist
The Look: Katie used butter LONDON’s Nail Foundation + PD Quick Top Coat to create a buffed nail look


Celebrity hairstylist Michael Ashton gave Adele an elegant, sophisticated updo, with lots of texture for the Grammy Awards.

In order to recreate this look yourself, follow these steps from Michael using products from John Frieda.

Step 1—Prep

·         Apply the NEW Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray ($9.99 at drugstores) to wet hair before blow-drying with a medium sized round brush, paying particular attention to the ends to ensure they are bouncy and luscious. This heat activated spray will help ensure you build volume that will last but won’t be too sticky.

Step 2 – Style

·         Next set in hot rollers. Once cool, carefully brushed through with a natural bristle brush.

Step 3 – Perfect

·         Finish off the look by twisting the back section into a French twist and pin away from the face. Mist with Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray ($5.99 at drugstores) to ensure the updo stays in place all night long.




 If you didn’t catch Beyoncé’s look during the Inauguration coverage, we have the lowdown for you! Superstar mogul and fashion and beauty icon, Beyoncé, sang the National Anthem beautifully during the 2013 Inauguration and it was hard not to notice her gorgois makeup!

Here are some tips to re-create Beyoncé’s look from famed celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, who worked with her for this special day. Mally shares her tips and tricks on how to steal this look:

·         To first set the skin, apply my Perfect Prep Poreless Primer all over the face and my Cancellation Concealer directly underneath the eyes.

·         To achieve natural-looking coverage, first, apply my Ultimate Performance Liquid Foundation. Next, add a sweep of my NEW Diamond Unpowder that will illuminate the skin followed by brushing on my Effortless Airbrush Highlighter and Blush Duo to the cheeks in order to provide a soft, radiant glow to the skin.

·         To achieve a rich, smokey eye – try my Evercolor Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer. Apply this all over the eyelid and underneath as well. Next, select a few shades from the Mally Beauty In the Buff Palette and sweep that onto the eyelids. Finish the look by applying a small amount of my Age Rebel Shadow Stick in Chocolate Diamond on the bottom lid right under your eyelashes to open up the eye followed by using my Lightwand Eyebrightener to the inner corners to instantly brighten this area. Lastly, to achieve this bold eyeliner at-home, try using the Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner in Midnight, layered with the Ultimate Performance Ink Eyeliner (which is exclusive

·         Compliment this confident eye by pairing it with a mascara that will enhance the overall look – such as the Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara and/or my NEW Instant Impact Mascara. To create glossy, Beyoncé worthy lips try my High Shine Lip Gloss in Mally’s Look or Mally’s Baby.

·         And last but not least, before you leave the house, apply the Mally Beauty Face Defender to lock your makeup in place and Perfect Prep Hydrating Under Eye Brightener to make the eyes pop!

Anyone can achieve this easy-to-wear look at home. It works on all ages, skin type and color!

These essentials from Mally Beauty can be found on and




Avon For Her Fragrance Sampler
This limited-edition fragrance sampler set includes eight of Avon’s best-selling fragrances, including: Unplugged for Her, Step into Sexy, Outspoken and Outspoken Intense by Fergie. Even better, the sampler includes a voucher for a full-sized bottle of your fragrance of choice, making it the perfect present for indecisive buyers or receivers.
Price:$23.00; includes 8 deluxe (.05 fl. Oz) trial sizes
Where to; Avon representatives





Doing your eyebrows is just a part of everyday beauty. Whether you apply full make-up or not, eyebrows are like the cherry on top. Penciling brows in works however the brow marker gives off a longer lasting finish. The TouchBack Brow Marker  is probably about the best thing on the market when it. Even though it looks like a magic marker, when its not– the results are still magical.


  • Dark Brown (for black/dark brown hair),
  • Medium Brown (for light/medium brown hair)
  • Blonde (for ash blonde/golden blonde hair)
  • Auburn (for light/dark auburn hair)

Available at


If you are not a morning person and don’t have time to do much with your  hair in the morning, Vanessa Fernandez of Butterfly Studio Salon has a few quick tips and tricks that can be done in a matter of minutes.



For a quick messy/chic look, try using the natural texture of your hair and a texture spray (like Davines For Wizards No. 14 Sea Salt Primer) to create separation. Flip your head upside down; spray, scrunch, and smooth your hair up, twisting it until it’s in a bun shape. Secure with a hair tie.



This is a great style to get hair out of your face quickly and still look cute.  Using naturally air dried hair, create a deep side part and craft a braid using three small sections of hair and pulling towards the back of your head. Secure with 2 bobby pins by crossing one over the other.



Setting hair in 2 braids can create natural waves. With your hair about 15% dry, apply a texture cream (try the Davines Defining Styling Cream) and divide hair into two sections. Create one braid on each side, allowing both sections to sit for several hours. Remove braids, flip head over and shake out for beautiful, wavy hair. Apply a medium-hold hairspray (Davines For Wizards No. 9 Structuring Mist) to keep waves flowing.



This year’s 64th Annual Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles on the evening of Sunday, September 23rd, where stars stepped out to celebrate the best in television. Celebrities took a bold approach to their fashion, makeup and hairstyles. Here, we have narrowed down three of the top hair trends with quick and easy steps on how to recreate them at home:

(From left to right: Edie Falco, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Cuoco)

Ponytails: High, low or off to the side, the ponytail made its presence on the red carpet. No matter which style you want to achieve, add overall volume and length to your hair by simply attaching extensions. Try Hairdo by HairUWear Ponytails that come in a Beach Curl or Simply Straight ($49 each: and UNITE Hair GO365 Hairspray ($31: which features three levels of hold (light, medium and hard).

(From left to right: Sofia Vergara, Kat Dennings and Claire Danes)

 Romantic Waves: Long, effortless waves have quickly become a timeless look on the red carpet. Hair looked full and shiny yet still soft and voluminous. To get long, thick hair in an instant, try Hairdo by HairUWear Wavy Extensions that offer 20 or 23 inches of hair, depending on desired length. ($99 each: Too add lightweight shine, try U LUXURY D FRIZZ ($32.95: and smooth out strands.

(From left to right: Zooey Deschanel, Connie Britton and Sarah Hyland)

Elegant Updo’s: Celebs opted for updos that were coiffed yet modern. Add some volume to your chignon by attaching the E! Live from the Red Carpet Hairdo Style-a-Do and Mini-Do Hair Duo Pack ($25: which easily wrap around your own hair for an instant updo style. To give hair a boost of volume, finish off with a texturizer like UNITE Expanda Dust ($26.25:




Kaelen SS 2013; Photo credit Getty Images

Inspiration: The collection was inspired by Jean-Paul Goude’s book, So Far, So Goude featuring monochromatic hues, stripes and muted colors.  I wanted to create something messy and stringy, grunge with some control to enhance these looks.

Step by Step:

Saturate hair with Redken Radiant Sea Spray and Cutler Volume Spray.

Blow-dry hair using your hands to build up texture.

Backcomb hair section by section to add fuzziness and texture.

Secure hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck covering the ears.

Finish with Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray.

Products Used:

Redken Radiant Sea Spray – $14.00 –

Cutler Specialist Volumizing Spray – $21.00 –

Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray – $17.00 –

Available at

Photo Credit: Gary Brown Photography
We stopped by Redken Salon on 5th Avenue to get our hair touched up for the Fashion’s Night Out festivities.  What a haute scene it was! WE are greeted wit ha glass of champagne and made our way over to a full station of hot hor’s doeuvres and truffle popcorn— mmmm so delicious.  Stylists were dressed in limited edition Tommy Hilfiger for Redken polo shirts as they blow dryer and shampooed away. The next time you are in the area, be sure to ask for Redken stylist, Victor.

Clarisonic PLUS for the Face and Body QVC Item #A91964 Approximately $225.00

Clarisonic PLUS uses sonic technology to deeply yet gently cleanse pores of dirt and makeup more effectively than manual cleansing without abrasion or harsh chemicals. This waterproof, rechargeable cleansing tool prepares skin to effectively absorb skin care products. It features three speeds for the face plus a spot therapy mode to care for areas of the body, leaving skin soft, pampered, radiant and younger looking.

The cleansing system includes the rechargeable Clarisonic PLUS skin care brush; three brush heads (delicate, sensitive and normal); one spot therapy brush head; three one-ounce cleansers (nourishing care, refreshing gel and gentle hydro); a six-ounce gentle hydro cleanser; a two-ounce and a six-ounce refining skin polish; and a universal charging cradle.


GO SMiLE TRULY Whitening Toothpaste System

GO SMiLE‘s mission is to create and care for beautiful white smiles for everyone with innovative products that are pleasantly indulgent, highly effective, fast and easy to use. A high-tech oral care and beauty company all in one, GO SMiLE was founded on the mission of transforming teeth whitening into a pleasurable, luxurious beauty treatment, revolutionizing the process and brightening millions of smiles along the way.

GO SMiLE, one of the leaders in luxury teeth whitening, introduces the NEW TRULY Whitening Toothpaste System, which includes the Clean and Polish Luxury Toothpaste and the Penetrate and Whiten Whitening Gel. The components work together by combining a pea-sized amount of each on a dry toothbrush and brushing teeth as normal twice a day for 30 days.

AVAILABLE AT QVC – Item #A226775 Approximately $42.50


Fresh Elixir Ancien Oil, .5 ounce QVC Item #A226364 Approximately $50.00

Fresh co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg set out to create the perfect artisanal soap and wound up creating a lifestyle brand loved the world over. A pioneer of incorporating natural ingredients like sugar, milk, soy and rice in modern beauty treatments, Fresh serves up irresistibly indulgent yet effective skin care, makeup, bath- and-body care, hair care and fragrance.


Sexy, loose waves with lots of body, volume and shine are perfect for breezy spring weather.  Celebrities are often seen wearing the look, but you do not need a professional stylist to get these gorgeous loose waves. All you need is a thermal protector, flat iron and shine serum to style at home. Check out the three simple steps below:

STEP 1: Before styling, spritz on a powerful thermal protector like Davines MELU Thermal Protecting Shield ($31 at on to dry hair to prevent the damaging effects of high-heat styling. Vanessa Fernandez of Butterfly Studio Salon, says that “heat protecting sprays not only protect hair from the heat of the iron but to also create a shinier look.”

Flat irons create a more natural looking wave and will not leave a crimp on hair the way a curling iron clamp will do. ONE’s Crush 1 Inch Flat Iron ($80 at delivers salon-like results while eliminating the appearance of unwanted static and frizz using tourmaline technology.

STEP 2: Begin by parting hair into sections and working layer by layer. Take a one inch section of hair, clamp the flat iron midway and twist your wrist inwards towards your head. Quickly slide the flat iron down the entire section of hair like you are straightening it. Maintain this position and then twist inwards once again at the ends to make sure they are not left straight. Work quickly to ensure that curls are loose and wavy. The longer time you spend sliding the iron over the hair, the tighter the curls will become. Continue on until all sections of your hair have been curled.


STEP 3: Once the style is complete, add high shine and an extra barrier against frizz with Philip B. Anti-Frizz Formula 57 ($35 at Lavender, Jojoba, Rice Bran and Soybean Oils lend hair a perfect dose of conditioning moisture that give lightweight definition, movement and shine without added weight. One drop is all you will need for a gorgeous frizz-free finish.




On a night of glitz and glamour, the most important red carpet tip is to start with the right skincare routine. Camera’s don’t lie and wit hHDTV, flaws are liable to get picked up therefore it is important to maintain beautiful and healthy looking skin. To guarantee a luminous complexion all night long, it is vital to start with clean, nourished skin. That’s where Biore Skincare comes in.

To achieve beautiful, flawless skin, Celebrtiy Makeup Artist Melanie Inglesis used Biore’s new Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser to prep Stacy Keibler’s skin. The cleanser targets oily spots without stripping away the natural moisture, creating that perfect canvas to achieve any look from fresh and natural, to sexy and fun.

“Before I start applying makeup, I make sure my clients have clean, fresh skin,” says Melanie. “That’s why I prepped Stacy’s skin by cleansing with the new Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. Then I created a beautiful, dewy look that lets her natural skin shine through. I wanted to achieve a young, fresh look that didn’t overshadow the dress.”

“For Olivia Wilde’s Oscars after-party look, I first prepped her skin using Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser to make sure her skin was balanced and fresh,” says Melanie. “Then we channeled Studio 54 for a sexy 70s vibe, creating a smokey creamy eye and nude lip.”




On Sunday, February 12th, the stars came out to celebrate music at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. The Red Carpet was filled with daring fashion statements and fun yet flawless hairstyles. The three biggest hair trends of the night are not only gorgeous; they are also easy to do!  Here are some tips on how to achieve these looks yourself:


Bold Color: Stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry stepped out for the night with bold hair colors in bright hues. To recreate this look without any commitment, try thePOP Color Strips ($10: which add a stripe of color in an instant. Sleek Pony’s: Jessie J., Fergie and Gwyneth Paltrow worked the red carpet with sleek ponytails. This style looks great on women of all ages and can instantly take five years off the face! If you want to add length to your ponytail, try the E! Live from the Red Carpet 23 Inch Wrap Around Pony ($49: that easily attaches to your hair.

Soft Swept Updo’s: From Taylor Swift who wore a simple top knot bun to Carrie Underwood who wore an undone chignon, the hair red carpet updos were playful and chic. To keep hair in place but without stiffness, try the UNITE GO365 Hairspray ($31:, which has an adjustable nozzle with a light, medium and hard setting, for just the right amount of hold.



There’s nothing worse than taking a shower, washing your hair only to spend another half and hour detangling it. Unite Hair care may be the end to those problems. Their 7 seconds Condition Leave in Detangler is everything you will ever need after each and every wash. After a couple of sprays, all it takes is exactly 7 seconds for the product to sink in and you are ready to comb through. To complete your hairstyling experience, use  UNITE Shina Mist Spray ($26.25: to give your locks the ultimate finish.

All Unite products an be found at


DIY Tips and Tricks for Red Carpet Beauty from the Golden Globes

Smoky Metallic Cat Eye

Emma Stone’s charcoal and silver colors really accented her wardrobe beautifully, and this look also helped to separate her from the majority who mostly wore nude eye makeup with black eyelinerAchieve Emma’s look: Don’t be afraid to try metallic’s for the eyes and get ready to make a striking impact. The smoky eye is a trend that keeps reinventing itself as it’s synonymous with a sexy beautiful look sought after, season to season. This season, the traditional smoky eye gets a makeover with a pop of silver for a more elegantlook.
If you love the idea of a cat eye but can’t fully commit to such a bold statement, try this new take – liner across your top lid that ends in a sharp angle out towards your temple, with no other makeup except a sheer pink lip. This look still makes a statement but it is subtler than the original thick–winged line. To get this look apply a precision tip liner, like the New Sue Devitt Defining Eyeliner, along thelash line extending the line just slightly further than usual. For a more defined effect apply the liner around the rim of the eye as well.

Bronze Shadow

Smoky eyes are a red carpet staple these days, and we saw the look in every color, finish, and smokiness.  Freida Pinto’s bronze shadow and black liner combination which was a real head turner.
Achieve a look like Freida’s by using the Illuminating Eye Shadow Quad in Icelandic Fjord. Begin by applying the Nordic Nude shade all over the eyelid with the Sue Devitt Eye Base Brush.
Sue’s Secret Tip: Hold the brush upside down as you apply as this allows the pigment to get deep into the lash line and build the color upward and outward toward the eyebrow and temple.
Next, use the Refined Eye Base Brush to apply the Deep Moss Shimmer shade only to the eyelid to create desired depth. Again, hold the brush upside down and apply this darker color along the lash line, at the base of the lid, and deep into the lashes. Work the color upwards, grading into the base color as you move upward towards the crease. Finish the look by applying defining Eyeliner in Vik generously along the lash line, and around the rim of the eye for added definition.


PHOTO Credit: Getty Images/ (L)Ashley Benson (C) Ashley Greene (R) Julianne Hough

For Ashley Greene’s Seductive Long Waves, begin with clean towel dried hair. Twist 1″ sections of hair away from your face going all around your head and apply a curl enhancing cream like the Shu Uemura Kaze Wave and air dry or diffuse until 90% dry. Apply a heat protecting spray like the Kerastase Fibre Architecte to protect hair from the heat of the iron and create a shinier look. Using a 1” wide curling iron, grab 1″ random vertical sections of hair and wrap around barrel and curl away from your face.Run your hands through when done for separation. Finish with a medium hold hair spray like Shu Uemura’s Sheer Lacquer.

To get Ashley Benson’s Textured Waves, begin with clean towel dried hair. Wrap hair in towel to remove excess water and to start creating texture. Use a light pomade such as Magic Move Light and twist random sections of hair to create more texture. Use a blow dryer to set each section by twisting and applying heat at the same time. If needed, use a clipless curling iron about 3/4″-1″ to set in waves by wrapping sections around the barrel away from face and when releasing each piece pulling on it to make more of a stretched out wave.

To give yourself a red carpet ready manicure at home in minutes follow these easy steps from celeb manicurist, Skyy Hadley.

  1. Remove any nail polish and wash your hands. Always start a manicure with clean hands.
  2. File your nails. I recommend squoval shaped nails for the winter. Start with the square shape and tilt the file underneath the corners and file back and forth from the underneath up. This will gradually round out the edges. If your nails are too square during cold winter months they can crack and break easily.
  3. Lightly buff your nails to remove any ridges.
  4. Rub a cuticle oil or cream on your cuticles, you can use olive oil or Vaseline if you don’t have cuticle oil, and push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. This will lengthen your nail and give a clean look.
  5. Apply a thin layer of base coat to all nails.
  6. Apply two even coats of pale pink or nude polish to your nails.
  7. Always finish with a layer of clear top coat to extend the life of your manicure and give it that professional shine.


SENSAI Hair Care Collection Spring/Summer 2012

SENSAI has a great line up of products for Summer 2012.  The line will launch its newest hair care products with an enhanced formula with silk and pearl technology.  Their formula really works to combat many signs of hair damage while restoring your hair’s natural moisture, strength and shine.


Soybean Extract nourishes and fortifies each strand, building volume and achieving a thick, luxurious finish.

Ginseng Extract nourishes each strand and inhibits moisture loss for a smooth, rich finish. Rich foam provides a smooth and satisfying treatment experience. • Elegant, fresh floral fragrance.

Daily conditioner includes Royal Jelly Extract to moisturise, nourish and soften, while leaving no residue.

Products will be available from the Bergdorf Goodman SENSAI counter or available at and on starting in June 2012.



rotect your hands and always wear gloves when out in the cold and try to avoid excess hand washing . If you wash your hands excessively during the winter, remember to apply a lotion immediately after you dry your hands to lock in moisture . Try the True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion .


Protect your hands and always wear gloves when out in the cold and try to avoid excess hand washing . If you wash your hands excessively during the winter, remember to apply a lotion immediately after you dry your hands to lock in moisture . Try the True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion .


This holiday season, give the gift of the most exquisite pampering experience with Clé de Peau Beauté’s Limited-Edition Synactif Coffret. A lavish gift to give and receive, Clé de Peau Beauté’s Limited-Edition Synactif Coffret is the perfect treasure for anyone who deserves and desires only the finest things in life. The line is also infused with a luxurious and delicate scent, Rose Synergique Fragrance, which adds a sweet, refreshing, floral citrus note to each product. Housed in a gorgeous black case and adorned with lush velvet rose buds, this whimsical treasure will bring elegance and flare to any vanity it sits upon.The Clé de Peau Beauté Limited Edition Synactif Coffret retails for $350 and is available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City , as well as select Saks, Neiman Marcus and Barneys locations nationwide.

Try this fashion forward look, by following a few simple tips from Gee Beauty Brow Expert, Natalie Gee:


-The biggest fall trend in beauty is bigger bolder brows and the key to get the look is to not touch the brows.

-Let the brows grow in naturally and let them take on a shape of their own. (try this for at least 2-3 weeks).

-If that length of time seems too long (and you love to tweeze), consult with a brow specialist.

-The more natural looking the brow, the closer you are to the seasons look.

-What you should aim for is anything thicker than what you currently have.

-Don’t expect ultra bushy in days, that just won’t happen. The look calls for natural, bushy & thick, so you’ve got to start somewhere.

-Once you’ve let them grow in for a couple of weeks, consult with a brow specialist. Make sure when you explain what you are looking for, they tell you what you want to hear. for example, listen for thick & natural instead of archy or thin.

-Once you achieved the fuller brow, maintenance can be simple. Brow pencils or shadows are a perfect tool for filling in any patches or giving your brow a darker hue. (the other trend along with thicker brows, is darker brows as well).

-I love brow pencils with a brow brush on the other end because you can always blend the color easily if you pencil in too heavy or dark.

Charmed Life joins the Signature Collection line as the newest expertly crafted fragrance created by the world’s top perfumers. Among fragrance aficionados and Bath & Body Works shoppers alike, Signature Collection scents are considered a best-kept secret—carefully calibrated blends of superior ingredients for a fraction of the cost of prestige brands.

Products Include: Shower Gel ($10.50), Body Lotion ($10.50), Fragrance Mist ($12.50), Eau de Toilette ($29.50), Bubble Bath ($12.00), Shimmer Mist ($14.00), Select A Shimmer ($14.00)


VPL SS 2012 Backstage Interview

(Sleek Chignon: from left: Cassie Scerbo, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian)


The Teen Choice Awards were held in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, August 7th, honoring the year’s biggest achievements in music, movies, sports, television and fashion, voted by teens. This year, stars took a playful approach to their hairstyles and kept their looks young, refreshing and fun. We found three hot trends that are all surprisingly easy to re-create at home, below:

Sleek Chignons: Instead of coiffed and formal updo’s, celebs opted for simple, pulled back chignons that looked chic and refreshing. This hairstyle is easy to achieve and looks good on anyone. Add some volume to your chignon by wrapping the Dancing with the Stars Glamarama Extension ($20: into a chignon and using a strong hold hairspray such as UNITE Max Control Hairspray ($27.50: to keep every hair in place.

(Stick Straight from left: JoJo, Blake Lively, and Ashley Greene )

Stick Straight: Hair trends come and go, but keeping hair stick straight always makes a comeback to the red carpet. From Ashley Greene to Blake Lively, celebs wore their hair down and polished – what’s their secret? Use the UNITE Lazer-Straight Relaxing Fluid ($26.25: to smooth and tame frizz along with the UNITE Shine Mist Spray ($26.25: before you flat iron to enhance shine.


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