Bryanboy Goes to College: When Tailored Chic Meets Normcore: Bryanboy and NYU Singer Make Sweet Music

We invite you to check out the new series Bryanboy Goes to College featuring everyone’s favorite fashion blogger Bryanboy as he visits college students that are starting new trends on campus. Fashion blogger Bryanboy meets up with Madison, an NYU student who is studying recorded music, to talk fashion and dorm room style. Explaining her preference for wearing all-black, Madison breaks from her norm and rocks a pink skirt by Kelly Wearstler. She and Bryanboy cap off the episode by singing a duet! “Bryanboy Goes to College” is produced by Condé Nast Entertainment.


SERIES DESCRIPTION: Fashion blogger Bryanboy gets the inside scoop on what today’s most stylish college students are wearing by meeting the tastemakers at campuses across Manhattan to see how they’re rocking the next big trend.

Check the video out here:

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