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Complete with a delicious and unique farm-to-table menu, truly utilizing all local, fresh ingredients from New York, the restaurant truly takes fresh ingredients to the next level. Imaginative cocktails, including the much buzzed about Kale Martini, as well as vintage china, daisy centerpieces, antique lighting and other one-of-kind details complete this farmhouse chic ambiance. Designed by Chien Dao, who is known for their work at The Crown, The Lion and, of course, Sons of Essex, this look is truly one-of-a-kind.

Signature Dishes from Chalk Point Kitchen:
· Bar Harbor Mussels dish with Joe’s Kimchi and house smoked bacon. (THE MOST AMAZING DISH YOU HAVE EVER TRIED!!!)
· Garden Beetroot Salad with Hudson Valley Bleu Cheese, pistachio & organic buttermilk-dill dressing.
· Roasted Heirloom Carrots with feta, black truffle & lemon
· Creamy Handmade Burrata with fenugreek, meyer lemon & cucumber
Signature Cocktails from Handy Liquor Bar:
· The Drugstore Cowboy featuring remy martin, disaronno, fresh pressed pineapple juice, homemade grenadine, kona syrup, sparkling water
· The Pueblo Old Fashioned featuring herradura reposado, homemade organic smoked jalapeno, agave syrup, patron cordial, tamarind puree
· Bloody Mary featuring absolut pepper, tomato juice, horseradish, touch of fresh pressed orange juice, Worcestershire sauce, frank’s red hot sauce, Memphis barbecue bitters, black pepper dash, celery salt, bbq rub rim, jalapeno, shrimp with smokey cocktail sauce, blue cheese stuffed olives, crisp bacon strip, celery stir
Handy Liquor Bar, which recently launched their new cocktail menu created by resident mixologist Albert Depompeis, features a prohibition era aesthetic with live jazz daily. Later in the evening, a password is needed to get down to the cozy jazz spot, but have no fear, dining at Chalk Point Kitchen will ensure you have the password and “in”. Be sure to check out their inspired cocktail creations using homemade firewater bitters and fresh pressed juices.



The new Porsche design store will be holding a grand opening event for their SoHo location, on West Broadway in Manhattan, New York. The store is 3,200 square feet of retail fineness featuring well-dressed mannequins as well as products ranging from luggage and pens to watches and the Porsche Blackberry phone. To make things even more exclusive, they even have a dedicated 500 square foot VIP area for big spenders–about as big as the average New York City apartment, now that’s a blank stare.  The least expensive item is around $250-300 so make sure you brace yourselves and strap on your designer seatbelt.


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