How to Care for your Hair with Motions

Everyone seems to be getting bikini ready for this summer but slaying in motion can be difficult when you don’t have a lot of time to style, and your hair is prone to reversion and massive frizz. Whether you’re a hardcore workout junkie, dancer or hot yoga enthusiast, here are a few ways to use Motions to keep your style from falling flat. 

EDGE CONTROL: The key to keeping your edges under control in humid conditions is to apply a little of our Motions Smooth & Hold Edges, brush neatly with a small brush, and bind them with a head scarf during your activity. Once finished, leave the scarf on for 15 minutes to air-dry, remove, and style as usual. 

AVOIDING REVERSION: Hot yoga is a tricky workout for those with straight tresses but not impossible. Wrap your hair tightly with a scarf that stays firmly in place. After your session, use a blow-dryer on a medium-heat setting and blowdryer your hair (still in the scarf) until it dries again. Unwrap and use a dollop of your Weightless Daily Oil Moisturizer before passing a flat iron through your hair to re-finish the look. 

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