Introducing LFA by Bernard Aidan

In 1998 Bernard Aidan and Catherine Malandrino started the Brand – Catherine Malandrino and together they built a multi million-dollar business. After they sold the company in 2013, Bernard spent time traveling and became inspired by the many artists he met around the world.

His passion to combine the love of creativity, fashion and art became his newest project – LOVE X FASHION X ART, which combines all of these touchstones. He began working with artists such as Domingo Zapata, Christian Salaverry, Risako Yamada and Nicolas Muret among others, to create amazingly unique collaborations. The LFA Collection is meant to be unique consisting of original art with many pieces hand-painted and numbered. 

During ART BASEL 2015 , Bernard worked with the artists Domingo Zapata and Adrien Brody to preview the LOVE X FASHION X ART limited Edition clothing collection. After showing pieces at Coachella in 2016, the demand was so high that Aidan decided to set up the studio spa in New York City’s garment district. 

With many followers and celebrity supporters, LFA is expected to be the people’s choice when it comes to statement pieces. 

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