Is Snapchat Becoming the Most Relevant Social Media Platform for Brands?

Today in a time of technological advances, it makes it hard to keep up yet easier and more cost effective to promote your business. When Myspace and Facebook first launched, brands utilized these platforms to gain popularity and reach millions of potential consumers. Today with Instagram and no Snapchat, brands can are able to showcase more personality behind the brand along with sneak peek footage to further engage their followers.



When Rebecca Minkoff went to Indio, Calif., for the Coachella music festival last month, her fans got a first hand look at their official luncheon on Snapchat. Followers got to see firsthand what festival style was like out in the fields and felt like true VIPs at Minkoff’s official luncheon, which was hosted at Sonny and Cher’s old estate — all thanks to the social media platform, according to WWD.

With over 5 billion video views per day, theres no wonder why more and more brands are following suit and becoming more Snappy Happy. Today, the sometimes addictive social media platform (hands over face emoji) is a huge part of most brands’ social media strategies.



Puma used Snapchat for their most recent project featuring Kylie Jenner.  Their take is that more than 60 percent of U.S. smartphone users ages 13 to 34 are Snapchatters which falls right in one with young influencers such as the Jenners,  Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber.

New York Fashion Week honed in on less motion-sickening front row images on Instagram and Facebook and more 24 hour videos and images on Snapchat.

The newly favored app reminds us that yesterday is a thing of the past and to focus on constant, fresh content.

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