King Size Chanel For Valentine’s Day

What do you give the woman who has everything? Just in time for Valentines Day, VIOLET GREY is offering a truly one-of-a-kind gift for the one-of-a-kind woman in your life: the CHANEL N°5 Grand Extrait Crystal. The iconic fragrance is celebrated with unprecedented elegance in a limited-edition 30.4 fl. oz., $15,000 crystal bottle, hand-crafted for N˚5 connoisseurs. Because nothing says ‘I love you like a king-size bottle of CHANEL.


If youre thinking, How do I even use 30.4 oz. of CHANEL N°5? – you’re not alone. Here are The Violet Files’ decadent suggestions for making the most of your trophy: 

1.     For the Authentically Decadent: Channel your inner Natalie Woodbut instead of bathing in Champagne, fill your tub with Chanel N°5.

2.       For the Art Enthusiast: Use it as a ruler and level when hanging your new Donald Robertson portrait.

3.     For the Fast Driver: Buckle it into the passenger seat to gain access to the swiftly moving HOV lanes.

4.     For the Fitness Fanatic: Use it instead of a kettlebell during your CrossFit workout.

5.     For the Perfectly-Pressed: Pour Chanel N°5 into your steamer, and use it to smooth your favorite white blouse (or an outgoing love letter) so the scent lingers.

6.     For the Avid Reader: Dab it onto the pages of your books so the aroma guides you back to where you left off.

7.     For the TSA-Prepared: Decant into more than 500 travel-size bottles, then carry a different one on every flight you take for the rest of your life.

The 50 limited-edition bottles were hand-numbered, housed in the highest quality crystal and sumptuously nestled within a handmade coffret. With only three remaining in the US, CHANEL N°5 Grand Extrait Crystal is the ultimate luxury. CHANEL N°5 Grand Extrait Crystal perfume retails for $15,000 and launched today at VIOLET GREY on Melrose Place and Once ordered, the Grand Extrait Crystal will be hand-delivered, for exceptional, white-glove service. VIOLET GREY also offers the classic, .5 fl. oz. bottle of CHANEL N°5 ($200).

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