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Giovanna Battaglia has worked in close collaboration with Case Scenario to design a highly desirable iPhone case to reflect her personal taste and style.  The new iPhone gate cover, designed for the iPhone 5, is ornamented in its most attractive finery giving you a touch of glamour and elegance every time you hold your phone.  The iPhone cover will come in black, pink and gold and will be sold on and in select retail stores in the United States.


Windows collaborates with Beats by Dre for better sound quality giving a richer sound. The unique design and color allows for an even more optimized user experience. This beautiful baby stands out from its counterparts by far making it the belle of the ball. HTC-specific features include: Beats Audio, replete with a built-in amplifier, and ImageChip for continuous shooting ,  dual camera setup packs the combined punch of a 2.1-megapixel front-facer with 88-degree ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel rear module with an f/2.0 lens accompanied by a single LED flash — both capable of 1080p video capture.

Since the front facing camera has been upgraded to a 2.1 mega pixel camera, your friends can now be captured inside your front-facing picture. This phone will pair nicely with just about any outfit since  it will be available in four distinct colors – California Blue, Graphite Black, Flame Red and Limelight Yellow.  The phone will be available this coming November 2012 on 150 mobile operators in over 50 countries around the world. AT&T, T-Moblle and Verizon according to Jason Mackenzie, President of hTC.



the mophie juice packs, sleek portable power solutions that let you charge up on-the-go. All the mophie packs are small and chic to fit into your purse to make sure you have the power to surf, talk and text all day long.

Available at 

1.  A good quality  bag is a must. It is there that all of your items will be stored and as you pull them out, all eyes will be on that gorgeous handbag of yours. Therefore you will need a multi-use, all-in-one bag like the Megan Business Bag by Brahmin. This stylish satchel features interior moveable laptop case, removable straps all in brown croc leather available at

2. Next you will need a timeless, chic and figure flattering trench coat, flexible for any kind of weather like this double breasted one by Burberry London. This true to size jacket pairs nicely with a dress, suit or even a pair of jeans and is available for $1,095 at

3.  When you are asked for the time or look at your wrist to see how much time you have left, make sure your watch is simple with nice detailing like Movado’s Serio Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch. A watch like this can also be worn at a semi formal or business casual function.  Telling time is one thing but telling time in style, is everything! Available for $1,195 at

4. Never ask to borrow a pen, bring your own but don’t just bring any pen, bring a statement pen in this season’s hottest hue like Tiffany’s Purse Pen by Tiffany Blue. Signing documents will have new meaning with a pen that pops. Available for $100 at

5. Looking good from head to toe is the motto, therefore what is on your feet matters. A pair of classic black shoes should be purchased every season. One can never have enough pairs of black shoes therefore be sure to upgrade to these Diane von Furstenberg pointed toe “April pumps” that work all year round. Available for $275 at

6. Speaking of upgrade, it is time to get involved with the latest tech gadgets on the market and brace yourselves for the all new Blackberry 9900 Touch by T-Mobile.  Being organized never felt so good with a phone that can search through every application and business email by simply typing in the first couple characters of that particular topic. Forgot who your meeting is with or what floor it’s on, no problem because this device serves better than your executive assistant!  Effortless communication, high speed network, a battery that lasts up to 10 hours, sophisticated map app so that you never get lost, sleek new design and touch capability makes life that much better since your traveling office depends on your Blackberry 9900 Touch available at


Thanks to online storePhotojojo, the Telephoto Lens for Apple iPhone is finally here. Comes with a hard protective case for the phone, simply twist on the telephoto lens with a 8X zoom. A foldaway tripod for those delicate long distance shots or a D.I.Y. mini movie staring yourself.  A great gift for anyone to explore their inner Scorsese or Leibovitz.

The ZAGGmate comes in two models – one with keyboard and one without. The ZAGGmate is made from aircraft-grade aluminum making it a strong case to protect your iPad. The keyboard option offers a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard for enhancing productivity on the go. What’s nice about this iPad case is that it comes with a clip-on stand that allows you to elevate your iPad (horizontally or vertically) for easier viewing. The iPad can also be positioned in up to ten different viewing angles. In case you’re wondering about the weight, the ZAGGmate with keyboard weighs 12.8 ounces. Zagg will ship it with a microUSB cable for charging the keyboard’s rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Zagg claims the battery will last several weeks of normal use between charges.



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