The Wax Club NY & The Fashion Reporter Evening of Beauty & Female Entrepreneurs

The Wax Club NYC,  in conjunction with The Fashion Reporter, hosted an intimate event to celebrate women and beauty for Women’s Entrepreneur Day. Hard working women deserve to be pampered and the owners of the luxurious club strive to be the leaders in all things beauty with paraben-free, strip-less waxing.
Bloggers and female entrepreneurs were treated to an array of waxing services from eyebrows, upper lip, chin and Brazilian waxing. Invited guests  were also able to sit down with the owners for a behind the scenes look at the club and how it came about.  The elegant ambiance and music set the tone for a very lovely, and unusually warm November night but no complaints here!
The gathering also included custom, gluten free cocktails from Royal Elite Vodka. The menu consisted of exotic mixtes of mango, peach, pineapple and cranberry. What better than gluten-free, hangover-free vodka to start your weekend off properly! That’s right, hang-over free. The advantage of gluten-free vodka that’s distilled 7 times is that it makes for a healthier experience and is more focused on taste versus substance.
Bittles NYC provided cake pops infused with our favorite breakfast cereals including Trix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the win.  We could ever pass up a good treat especially when they are packaged with a miniature spoon, because anything else would be uncivilized!
Fring3 Nyc set up shop for quick curls and blow outs to prep guests for their Friday night out on the town.  Getting your hair DID is a must especially when it’s by one of the top stylists in NYC. Agreed!
For more about The Wax Club NY and their offerings, be sure to visit them at 150 Chambers Street in Tribeca or book your appointment online at

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